PPCP Grad students host another successful International Student Luncheon

The graduate students hosted the 6th Annual International Student Luncheon on November 7th, 2014.  What started as a pot luck to welcome new students has now become an anticipated feast.  This year the Fundraising Committee under the direction of Jingyu Peng organized another great meal.  huijing zhu jingyu peng ton khankhum teddy garcia 2014 international student luncheon

Jingyu, Sanjay Pokhrel and Favio Herrera designed a creative new ticket this year, with all of our countries’ flags.  We had food from Brazil, Honduras, Ecuador, China, Poland, Thailand and good old ‘Merica.  Thanks to all of the graduate students who cooked delicious food for us including: Sebastian Albu, Eduardo Chagas, Mary Helen Ferguson, Cecilia Freitas, Teddy Garcia, Favio Herrera, Surasek ‘Ton’ Khankhum, Tiago Lelis, Ally Lunos, Jengyu Peng, Yenjit Raruang, Josi Rezende, Natasha Soares, Rebecca Sweany, Brian Ward, Huijing Zhu.  Thanks to all the faculty, staff and students who showed up to support us and eat yummy food.Cecilia Freitas Josi Rezende Eduardo Chagas Ally Lunos Yen Raruanginternational luncheon 2014


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