Students present their research at Southern Division APS in Atlanta

At the annual Southern Division American Phytopathological Society meeting in Atlanta (Feb 1&2, 2015), several students from LSU gave oral presentations and posters about their research.  Eduardo Chagas gave an oral presentation discussing his observations of the association (or lack) of Cercospora soybean leaf blight symptoms with cercosporin.   Maryam Shahrtash presented her findings using seed treatments on peppers and tomatoes to control several Xanthomonads.  Rebecca Sweany discussed her findings of volatile interactions between separate cultures of Aspergillus flavus.  Brian Ward presented more of his work looking into minor elements contributing to soybean resistance to rust and Cercospora leaf blight .  Dongfang Hu presented a poster on her RNA-seq data looking into differential gene expression during infection with soybean rust.  Everyone did a great job presenting their research! Graduate students, Sebastian Albu, Mary Helen Ferguson, Teddy Garcia and Ally Lunos were also in attendance.   Our GSA advisor, Ray Schneider was awarded the Outstanding Plant Pathologist Award.  We ran into former students including the current president of Southern Division, Nicole Ward-Gauthier, recent graduates Rebecca Melanson and Jake Fountain and not so recent graduate Baozhu Guo.  All in all we had a nice meeting, learned more about plant pathology and met some new people.Southern Division APS 2015

LSU contingent at APS Southern Division.  Back row starting from the left: Jake Fountain, Ray Schneider, Sebastian Albu, Teddy Garcia, Brian Ward, Melanie Ivey, Rebecca Sweany, Dongfang Hu, Maryam Shahrtash, Clayton Hollier, Baozhu Guo.  Front row starting from the left: Nicole Ward-Gauthier, Mary Helen Ferguson, Lawrence Datnoff, Eduardo Chagas and Rebecca Melanson.


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