Graduate Students Receive Award from Parent Society

We are happy to announce the graduate students have been awarded the first Departmental Plant Pathology Experiential Award from American Phytopathological Society!!!  This award was established with money donated by Don and Judy Mathre.  The purpose is to increase awareness of non-academic career opportunities to grad-students and post-docs through visits to such institutions.  With the money, we will visit several companies and governmental agencies in California following our 2015 Annual APS meeting in Pasadena including: Seminis, Driscoll’s and the USDA.  Additionally we will visit UC Riverside and Davis.  This trip will be a great experience for our students, which will allow us to learn about different career choices and see plant pathogens on crops uncommonly grown in Louisiana including: raspberries, blackberries, grapes, treenuts, cruciforms, etc.  A special thanks to Josi Rezende, Ally Lunos and Rebecca Sweany for writing the application materials.  Thanks to Drs. Datnoff, Ivey and Schneider for editorial support.Josi Rezende Rebecca Sweany Ally Lunos Yen Raruang Sebastian Albu Eduardo Chagas Tomas RushFrom previous trip, pictured in front of U Wisconsin Student Union 2014. Left to right: Josi Rezende, Rebecca Sweany, Ally Lunos, Yen Raruang, Sebastian Albu, Eduardo Chagas, and alum Tomas Rush


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