Dr. Jan Leach visits graduate students and gives seminar

The graduate students were pleased to host Jan Leach as our invited seminar speaker April 15th, 2015!  Many of our students got an informal introduction to Jan at dinner the previous night.  We are especially grateful to Dr. Leach for spending a long day with us on the 15th that started at 7:30 A.M. and ended at 9:30 P.M. Jan shared her personal and professional experiences with us and gave us important pointers on how to make ourselves marketable and find jobs and funding opportunities.  Her main advise is to be flexible and broad in our vision for our futures and research topics.  We all had several opportunities to meet with her in a large group and in personal small groups.  Jan gave a seminar entitled, “Understanding durable resistance in rice” where she discussed using QTLs to identify important genes and promoters for durable resistance to plant pathogens.group pic with Jan Leach 2015

Following our seminar, Jeff and Mary Hoy hosted a pot-luck dinner that was enjoyed by many students and faculty members.  Thanks for the help of all the students to make this a wonderful visit and to the Hoy’s for hosting our pot-luck.  Again, thanks to Jan Leach for coming to LSU and sharing your knowledge with us!

leach potluck combo 2015

Pot-luck dinner at Jeff and Mary Hoy’s house.


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