Several department graduate students in this month’s issue of Plant Disease

Three graduate students from the Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology are named as authors in the November 2015 issue of Plant Disease.  Carolina Avellandea is first author on the article titled, “Screening for Resistance to Sugarcane Brown Rust With Controlled-conditions Inoculation,” and Myra Purvis and Sebastian Albu are named as co-authors on the paper, “Fungicide Resistance in Cercospora kikuchii, a Soybean Pathogen.”  Congratulations!


Plant Pathology Job Right Here in Louisiana

The US Forest Service is currently accepting applications for a Plant Pathologist position, based in Pineville, LA. It doesn’t appear that a degree in plant pathology is necessary, so feel free to share this with people who have a related degree and at least ten hours of coursework in plant pathology. (See the announcement for more details.)

We have a Facebook page!

Facebook users can now “like” and follow the PPCP GSA’s Facebook page. Posts on this blog will be shared there, so following us on Facebook is an alternative to following this blog by e-mail, if you want to be updated when there is a new blog post.

(There is also a Facebook “closed group” for members of the PPCP GSA. If you’re a GSA member and are not in this group yet, you can ask another member [with whom you’re friends on Facebook] to add you to the group.)

Also, members, remember that there will be a king cake party at 10:30 AM on Friday (correction from earlier text, which said “tomorrow”), in Life Sciences Annex A465.

Welcome new students!

Seven students began their MS or PhD studies in the LSU Dept. of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology this semester, and an eighth has begun the LSU part of his “sandwich” PhD program. Pictured (top row, left to right) are Cesar Escalante, Ben McInnes, Isaack Kikway, Churamani Khanal, Nike Omolehin, and Daniel Debona, and (bottom row, left to right) Jorge Reyes and Alejandra Jimenez.

2014 C.W. Edgerton Award winner: Rebecca Melanson

Jong Ham and R. Melanson

Rebecca Melanson, a 2014 graduate-to-be (Ph.D.) of the Dept. of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, and a former president of the PPCP Graduate Student Association, won the department’s 2014 C.W. Edgerton Honor Award. She is pictured here with her advisor, Dr. Jong Hyun Ham. Congratulations Rebecca!

Dr. Edgerton, for whom the award is named, was a professor and long-time department head of what was known at the time as the LSU Department of Botany, Bacteriology, and Plant Pathology. His accomplishments included both applied and basic research. According to his biography in the July-August 1968 issue of Mycologia, “he taught, at one time or another, every course that was offered by [the Department of Botany, Bacteriology, and Plant Pathology],” and “at the time of his retirement his department was recognized as the outstanding center for graduate training in plant pathology in the south.”