The LSU PPCP GSA awards scholarships for lodging, registration, or other meeting expenses, to be applied towards attendance at a plant pathology, crop physiology, or related professional meeting. Two PPCP GSA Scholarships (may subject to change) in the amount of $300 (amount subject to change), one for a Master’s student and one for a Ph.D. student, are awarded to aid in the travel for the meeting/conference.

To be eligible for these awards, a student must be a full-time graduate student in the Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology at Louisiana State University and must be in good standing, as deemed by the Department and the LSU Graduate School. A student is only eligible to receive one of these scholarships every other year during his/her study in the Department.

Students must fill out the scholarship application and turn it into one of the GSA Faculty Advisors by the second Friday of June (for fall applications) or the last Friday of November (for spring applications).

Previous Recipients

Spring 2018: Teddy Garcia (Ph. D.), Tiago Lelis (Ph. D.) and Jancee Rice (M. S.)

Fall 2015: Jingyu Peng (M.S.) and Churamani Khanal (Ph.D.)

Fall 2014: Surendra Osti (M.S.) and Sebastian Albu (Ph.D.)

Fall 2013: Brian Ward (M.S.) and Kirandeep Kaur (Ph.D.)


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